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People are Talking About Samurai Business Group

We’re proud to be making a positive impact for our clients by unlocking their true Samurai potential. Here’s what some of our friends have said about how they conquered their business battleground.


Len Kats, Senior Leadership Team

Wausau Homes

Mary Eggert, CEO

Global Water Works


“I have had the pleasure to know Bob for almost 10 years as a trusted business advisor and now as a close friend. Most recently, he has been instrumental in the strategic growth and direction that Connect VETS is embarking on to make a difference in the lives of our transitioning service men, women and Veterans nationally. The Samurai Sales Training I have received and recommended to others has significantly and positively impacted how I look at the sales process, choosing to focus on the relationship rather than a transactional sale.”

Emily Garrity, CEO

Connected Vets


Joe Bley, Regional Sales Manager

Bronto Software

"I owe my success in sales to Bob and team. Working with them helped me turn sales from an art form into a science. My journey began when I was thrust into a sales role with barely any experience. It was sink or swim time and Samurai was my life preserver. Over the years I’ve been able to continue to hone my craft while relying on the foundational skills I learned. Even though I graduated the Samurai program, I still regularly seek advice from Bob, and he has always come through."


Thomas Ciesielka, President

TC Public Relations

"I have worked with Bob Lambert and the Samurai Business Group for almost 10 years. Their counsel has made me successful year after year. I’ve been through many sales programs. However, Bob’s coaching has surpassed all of them. That’s because their training drives business development and helps my customers solve critical problems. I always leave the training sessions better than when I came in. Bob is the type of coach that you can keep coming back and always learn more from every time."


Eric Lucas, Founding Partner

Buck Agency

"As a younger professional starting a business, I recognized I needed formal training in business development. I wasn’t looking for some weekend seminar to sit through. If my livelihood was going to depend on this, I wanted to do it right. Samurai’s intensive class was exactly what I was looking for. I along with other like-minded professionals studied each and every aspect of the business development process in a small group setting. The experience of Samurai’s coaches and experience of the other group members fostered an ideal learning environment combining both knowledge and experience.


After going through the program our company has doubled its revenue every year for the last three years. Going through the Samurai program put me ten years ahead of where I might have been without the program. In my eyes it’s a must for any young professional considering starting a business or accelerating their career."


Joel Mathew, President

Fortress Consulting Group

"Bob’s coaching and teaching has been extremely beneficial for our business. What I find even more impactful than the class sessions is the direct access to Bob’s wealth of knowledge on any questions we’ve had on proposals, meetings, new product launches and even structuring our sales team. Bob’s availability and willingness to help are second to none. He truly cares about his students and their businesses. Bob is a guy you can trust, and his experience helps shorten the learning curve to closing more business."

Pete Crabtree, Financial Advisor

Oak Hill Wealth Management

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