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Own the Space Between Sales & Fails with Samurai SmartNetworking™

In our post-pandemic B2B landscape, social distancing has quickly zoomed into business distancing, making key decision makers virtually unreachable for traditional in-person sales calls. This new normal is changing the way buyers and sellers relate to each other, but future-focused sales professionals are turning the tables on traditional networking tactics.


Once you begin to understand the mindset of prospective buyers in today’s business landscape, you’ll start to realize you can provide a lot more value to them by making yourself virtually indispensable throughout the buyer’s journey.


Samurai SmartNetworking is designed to arm you with the knowledge and marketing communication skills to connect the dots between better networking and unprecedented B2B sales. Our half-day (3 1/2 hours) seminar will teach you how to identify, understand, differentiate, engage, develop, establish and grow mutually satisfying relationships between you and your prospective customers.

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