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4 Keys to Coaxing Big Sales from a Small Team

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Small sales teams are often at a disadvantage. Without the capital to attract heavy hitters, they can struggle in spaces that larger sales teams simply don’t. Luckily, it just doesn’t have to be that way. These tips can help. 

· Identify Your Pain Points

Knowing where you struggle is an absolute must. Understand your team’s process so you can see what’s working and what’s clearly not. Just knowing that can help you prioritize what should be most important so you can focus in those areas.

· Reinforce Your Team’s Skills with Good Coaching

Many managers are afraid to coach. Don’t be. It can help your team members continually improve what they’re doing. You’ll help to reinforce the best sales processes with your feedback, and that alone could mean increased numbers.

· Think About Better Onboarding

When potential employees know the values and strategies of your company, they’re more likely to share your goals and be more committed. This is where onboarding comes in. It helps to increase engagement and productivity, and it makes it far less likely that you’ll be shopping for a new sales team member in the near future.

· Seek Outside Help

There are lots of options. Samurai Business Group has an outstanding Sales Mastery Series that was specifically designed for companies just like yours. Recent graduate Joe Leucht of Heartland Computers said, “In my years of being a sales manager, I can tell you that what I learned at Samurai Business Group is unique. Few are actually out there doing what they do. They’re a shining resource for a small sales organization that’s utilizing talented people with very little experience.”

Small sales teams don’t have to struggle. Instead, with the right training and resources, they can truly shift the playing field. Learn more about the Samurai Sales Mastery Training and how it can help your company become an unstoppable force.

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