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Who We Are

Since 2001, Samurai Sales Group has helped thousands of success-driven individuals and future-focused teams optimize their sales and business development approach. Our proven methods have been vetted and adopted by Fortune 500 organizations in every industry.


Our revolutionary Buyer Process Management Model is an integral component of the sales education curriculum at the DePaul University Center for Sales Leadership and is used by other prestigious universities across the United States.

What We Do

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, business is a battleground, and if your selling skills and people prowess aren’t sharpened and honed to an elite level, ascending to the peak of your prowess can pose an unsurmountable challenge. It’s time to start selling like a Samurai.


Samurai Business Group has trained thousands of individuals and teams, helping them to optimize their sales and business development approach to consistently multiply their sales and topline revenue.

Connect With Us

We’ll help you combine the razor-sharp skills of a seasoned Samurai with the business acumen of a get-it-done sales warrior.







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​“With the ongoing training they provide, Samurai Business Group plays a key role in all our results. I truly appreciate their passion for helping our salespeople learn how to build trust with our customers.”

Len Kats, Senior Leadership Team

Wausau Homes


“I more than doubled my return in the first year. The application of Samurai is immediate with its processes, tools, and tracking mechanisms. We started understanding clients’ needs from their perspective, then aligning our approach accordingly.”

Mary Eggert, CEO

Global Water Works


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