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Think like a Samurai. Sell like a champion.


Robert Lambert | Founding Partner

With over 30 years in strategic business development, marketing, and sales, Bob has honed an acute understanding of human buying behavior and sharpened his unique perspective on what truly influences a purchase decision. His impressive corporate clientele of Global 50 and Fortune 500 companies has generated millions of dollars in revenue and sustained profitability through both good business cycles and stormy markets. He is also a consummate entrepreneur, having founded four successful start-up companies.


Through his astute observations on the art and science of selling, Bob developed the revelatory distinction between traditional methods and the buying decision model upon which the Samurai philosophy is built. If you’re ready to learn how to think like a Samurai, contact Bob today.


Sheryl Koning | Executive VP

Sheryl has spent more than 25 years in corporate America working in sales, corporate and sales training, and organizational development. Her vast understanding of the inner workings of an organization have instilled her with a unique skillset and a track record for helping companies identify, plan, pursue, and achieve their business goals.


Sheryl’s business acumen stretches across multiple disciplines and specialties, from leadership and leadership training to negotiation, program management, and public speaking. She is a trusted asset to leaders of midsized companies who have grown to appreciate her strengths in recruiting and business development that retain employees and drive results. If you’re ready to sell like a champion, contact Sheryl today.

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